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"Resting period" finished

The 2017 calendar sales period is more or less over, and we just wanted to quickly let you know that the “resting period” for already published calendars has finished. This means that from now on and until September you can modify and optimise your published works.

In order to do so, go to “Projects approved by CALVENDO” under “My Projects” and click on the blue button with the pen symbol to open a project in edit mode. Should your calendar not have been updated to 2018 dates yet, it will automatically be assigned a 2018 calendar grid when editing it and, once it has been released by the jury, also a new ISBN.

Please note that every change to a project, no matter how small, requires resubmission to the jury for their assessment and approval. Current evaluation criteria apply and over the past couple of years quality standards have risen, i.e. there’s no automatic guarantee that your updated project will again be released by the jury.


Our sights are firmly set on 2018 ...

… and our IT is getting ready to start the automatic calendar update procedure in order to change the dates of your published calendars to 2018. We’re speeding this process up this year in order to make all products available as early as possible. Here are a few important facts and figures for you:

  • Calvendo does assess the marketability of each published calendar 36 months (at the latest) after its first publication date (see also our FAQs: Submitting and Publishing my Work -> point 14). Should you have published calendars with Calvendo in 2014, you’ll therefore be notified in the next few weeks if and when 2018 editions of your calendars (including new ISBNs) will be published and made available to retailers. Should sales for a calendar have been very low or non-existent in the past, Calvendo will not continue publishing it for 2018. Such calendars will be removed from our range of products during the course of 2017.
  • Published projects can currently not be modified. This “resting period” will last until 15 February. We’d also like to ask you not to try and update your calendar dates manually afterwards since the calendar update process is automated. In this context, please bear in mind that only calendars that have been set up with a flexible calendar grid (i.e. if you have ticked the “flexible calendar grid box “), will be part of this automatic procedure.
  • If you set up a new calendar project now, it will automatically be assigned a 2018 calendar grid
  • You will also find projects that you have started last year or even before but not submitted to the jury yet with 2018 calendar dates in your account under “Projects in progress”.
  • Last but not least, 2017 calendars are still being sold by retailers at the moment and based on experience, this period will last until the beginning of March. At the end of this month, you will find projected sales figures for December 2016 in your account.


New Calvendo homepage

If you haven’t done so already, we’d like to invite you to take a look at our new Calvendo homepage, How do you like its new look? We’re interested in your feedback: take part in our quick survey and let us know what you think!


Holiday period: Calvendo Jury on a break

From 23rd December 2016 to 8th January 2017 including, our jury will be on a break and calendars submitted during this period will therefore not be assessed immediately. You can, of course, continue to set up projects and submit them. Because of the Christmas holiday period, it will simply take a bit longer than you’re used to before you will receive feedback from the jury.


Question answered: When I will be paid?

“When and how will I be paid my royalties” is a question that often reaches us. Here we go then; payment processes summarised:

Payment projections

During each quarter, you can find your preliminary payment projection in your profile under “My Pay”. This is a momentary status based on orders received in the previous month. The information is not updated daily but monthly because retailers only send their figures once per month. These projections are therefore also not binding.

Royalty statements

After the end of each quarter, it takes a few more weeks before we can make your statement available for download. Why? Because we have to wait for the various retail data from different sources and this may take a good eight weeks. It might also be that individual payments owed will only be listed in the following quarter. However, no payment owed to you will ever get lost!

In a nutshell, the sum you can see on the statement you receive once the accounts for each quarter have been settled represents your royalties for all products that have actually been sold in any given quarter and for which Calvendo received payment from retailers.

We complete the statement for the first quarter no later than end of June, the statement for the second quarter no later than end of September, the statement for the third quarter no later than end of December and the statement for the fourth quarter no later than end of March. Your monies are then paid in euros via bank transfer (if you live in Europe including the UK) or PayPal (all other countries).

Please note that each quarter, payments are postponed to the following quarter if the amount is less than EUR 30 (net), i.e. as long as EUR 30 (net) have not been reached, no payments will be made. Also, it sometimes happens that royalties can’t be transferred because of missing or faulty account details. Therefore, please make sure that the bank details you provide in your Calvendo account are always correct!


No project modifications between 15.11.2016 and 15.02.2017

There's no deadline for new calendar submissions. We do, however, advise to start with your new projects for the 2017 calendar season now, respectively as soon as possible. The sooner you get them published and online, the better, and you always have to account for the fact that it takes some time until retailers have imported all the data we provide as soon as your calendars have been published by us. The majority of calendars are bought in November and December and the calendar season extends into January/February with consumers still purchasing products then.

Should you wish to amend any of your calendars that have already been published this year or before that, you'd need to have done that by 15 November. After that date you won't be able to make changes to published projects anymore until 15th February 2017. That’s the only deadline you have to keep in mind.

We look forward to your submissions and creative calendar ideas for the upcoming season!



Practical tips for calendar self-publishers

In need of practical tips and information on calendar publishing? Here’s a bunch of handy links then:



International Gregor self-publishing calendar award 2017

For the second time, the Gregor International Calendar Award will be recognising outstanding self-published calendars in its 2017 competition and Calvendo supports its self-publishers by taking over part of the participation costs for you: Altogether, you can benefit from a special 40% discount.

The awards are handed out in ten categories, including travel, cities and architecture or animals, and last year’s competition saw a number of lucky Calvendo self-publishers at the awards ceremony in Stuttgart.

The international competition, which is the biggest of its kind in Europe, has been organised since 1950 by ‘Graphischer Klub Stuttgart’ (Graphical Club Stuttgart), Baden-Wurttemberg’s Ministry of Finance and Economy and the German employer’s association ‘Druck und Medien’ (Print and Media) in order to showcase calendar creations in Germany and abroad.

If you’re interested, you can find all details here in our blog, including links to the English-language T&Cs and registration form.

Deadline for calendar submissions is 12 December 2016 and the awards ceremony is on 26 January 2017.



First Calvendo UK Gold Edition

Our ardent Facebook followers will already have seen it and here’s the news for everyone else now: We’ve selected our first Calvendo UK Gold Edition. This accolade has already been handed out for a couple of years in Calvendo’s home country Germany and we thought it’s now time for a UK version as well. From now on, we’ll be selecting calendars that particularly catch our eye once each year, considering criteria such as layout, image quality, composition of images and originality.
Our 2016 ‘golden boys and girls’ were selected from thousands of calendars released on the UK Calvendo platform and to see the Gold Edition’s 30-odd calendars, please click here for a full line-up. If you’re not averse to a bit of bling-bling on your calendar covers, give it a go – just create and publish a calendar on Calvendo this year and maybe your work will be part of our 2017 Gold Edition then!


New: Design templates with title page layouts

Eye-catching covers are really important for successful calendars. We might have mentioned that before. In order to support you in designing professional calendars that convince potential buyers “at a glance”, we have introduced new and free of charge design templates for your use. Some of you might already have come across them in the system:
You’ll find the templates (for DIN formats only) in the Calvendo online editor in the bottom right corner under “calendar grids and design templates”. The layout of the images, font and font size as well as year on the cover are predefined and cannot be changed. You might find that restrictive at first, however, it’ll make it easier for you to create a visually more impressive cover. Plus, there’s still enough room for your creativity: You can, for example, choose individual colour moods for your images. Once you’ve added a picture/pictures, click on colours in the top right, then on one of the squares that show up below and then on “select colours”. A window will open up with a variety of colours for you to choose from and find the one that best fits your image(s).
The calendars you see in this newsletter have all been created using the design templates. See if you like it, give it a go and play around (you can switch between different templates and try different options) - our jury is looking forward to seeing your designs. We hope the templates make designing your calendars easier for you! Should you have any problems or questions, please contact our support team on
And if you need inspiration for topics, here’s a reminder of our recent “get local” appeal and call for more varied local and regional calendars. More on this topic also in our next newsletter soon!



Get local: Regional content is very popular

Local and regional content is very popular. If you cater for a niche, such as the population of a certain town or region, you’ve got a ready-made audience right there that you can promote to directly, via local channels (contact local online forums, inform your local newspaper, present you work at local events), your Facebook page and other social sites.

Conventional publishers are not able to cater for such niche topics but with the Calvendo print-on-demand set-up, we – or more precisely, you – can! In addition to your own marketing efforts that are a vital part of being a self-publisher, Calvendo will this year also be working with its UK partners to inform retailers about the availability of local and regional content via our platform to help you promote your work.

So, here’s our big call for more and in particular more varied local and regional calendars:

We’ve got quite a lot of white spots on our Calvendo calendar landscape and if you want to know which cities, towns, villages, regions, sights or events are missing in the Calvendo programme, simply go to the product gallery and perform a search to see if whatever you have in mind is already pretty well covered or not.

Plus, here are some further pointers in which direction you should look if you want to fill some gaps in the market.



Your feedback is needed

In order to be able to improve our service and platform for you, we need your feedback and regularly ask for your opinion. Drumroll: Our second Calvendo UK user survey and we’d very much appreciate if you could spare about five minutes to go through the questions.

It’s important for us to know how happy you are with Calvendo, what needs improving or anything else that you might have on your chest and we don’t know about (there’s a handy question for this at the end of the survey for you to send us suggestions/ideas/general feedback).

So, without further ado – click this link and get going. Won’t take long!



Updating your calendars for 2017

It’s that time of the year again: Calvendo will soon be starting to update the dates of your calendars (the calendar grid) from 2016 to 2017 dates. This automatic process will start towards the end of April and last until June. The year on the cover as well as the calendar grid will be updated so that the new data can be delivered to retailers. Your 2016 calendars will then not be sold anymore.

Please note that this automatic process of importing 2017 dates will only apply to calendars that you have set up with a flexible calendar grid. Therefore, please check if you have ticked this box when you created your calendar. If not, you can easily do so now:

  • Go to “Projects approved by Calvendo” in your account
  • Click on the grey button showing a little cogwheel symbol to the right of your approved project
  • A window will open (My Project Management): Tick the “Flexible calendar grid” box here
  • Then click on “Save” and you’re done.

If you’ve integrated the year on your cover in a text box and have chosen the “flexible calendar grid” option, the number will automatically be updated to 2017. However, should you have created a separate image for you cover and integrated the year in this picture, our software won’t be able to detect that. You’ll have to change it to 2017 yourself then, update the picture and submit the project again.  Please note that simply saving your changes is not sufficient in this case in order for them to take effect: You’ll have to re-submit your project. Before doing so, use the field provided in the system to add a note for the jury and let them know that you’ve updated the year on the cover.

Should you have any questions in this context, for example, on how to make changes to published projects, please get in touch with our support team on



How to make an impact with your cover

It’s a fact: Boring calendar covers that don’t look professional are not very conducive for your sales. Never underestimate the power of your cover, we say!

It really can’t be stressed often enough but your calendar cover is vital for making your product a success. It is the most important element of your calendar – and a selling point. The image you choose for your cover therefore needs to be convincing, as does your title and subtitle (if you use one), font and overall design of the cover.

So, we've got a few cover design tips for you. Here it goes:

Choosing the right cover image


  • A few things you should consider when choosing your cover image:
  • Use an image with a clear and striking central motive that visualises your calendar’s topic well.
  • Make sure that your image represents your calendar in its entirety (and not just parts of it).
  • Work with an image that catches peoples’ eyes, makes them curious and interested in your calendar.
  • Choose an image that provides you with enough space to integrate your title in a large font that can easily be read.
  • Your cover image should be of high quality, i.e. a really good image that shows the craft of photography (or any other art form you might be working with).

Important design criteria

  • Your title font needs to be big enough so that it can still be read on the small thumbnail images used on online shops.
  • Make sure that that there is a high contrast between font and background colour, e.g., choose white or a light colour for your title font if the background is fairly dark.
  • Should you work with a collage for your cover image and combine several images, don’t use more than six; otherwise, it gets too small and fiddly.
  • Work with image detail! Simply plonking a motive in the middle can be boring. Everything you ever learned about photography and composition also applies to calendar covers. (Just a reminder: top 10 photography composition rules)

Don’t forget: You’ll also make our jury happy if you pay attention to your cover. Let alone that your calendars will definitely make more of an impact and attract potential buyers.

If you use a picture editing software, you can also create a jpg for your cover and upload it on the system when creating your calendar. Last but not least, here’s a cover design video tutorial on our Calvendo YouTube channel. We look forward to seeing the results of your “studies”  : ) !



See how it's done

Now that we got the Bond premiere out of the way, it’s time for some equally exciting films to be launched (ok, might be exaggerating a bit here):

Calvendo has produced a series of English-language video tutorials explaining the most important things to consider when creating and publishing calendars. They will also be helpful if you’ve never worked with our online editing tool before because you’ll see step by step how a cover page is being designed, for example, or how to work with our different calendar grid options. In a nutshell, you’ll learn everything that’s important to know when creating a calendar.

See our first YouTube tutorials on cover design, calendar grids and the square format here. More to follow soon!



Calendar publishing platform Calvendo launching “Made in the UK” edition

London, September 2015. Calendar publishing platform Calvendo is calling all photographers, graphic designers, painters and creative people to submit their work for a newly launched Made in the UK edition. 2016 Calendars submitted between now and 15th November 2015 will be considered for Calvendo’s special Made in the UK logo to be featured on every calendar selected.

Calvendo, which was set up in Germany in 2012 and launched in the UK last year, is a unique and free of charge platform that enables photographers and artists to not only create their own calendars but to also sell them on the international book market. With its Made in the UK edition, it wants to encourage users to think creatively how to render the theme of Britishness for the medium of a wall calendar: “Typical sports, customs, traditions, sights, quirks – any ideas are welcome and will be considered by our team of calendar specialists,” explains Calvendo CEO Jochen Jauch. “We’re deliberately not restricting the topic further apart from the ‘Made in the UK’ headline because we want to give our users scope to use their creativity as freely as possible. We’re very excited to see what kind of topics they’ll come up with and in which form they’ll submit them for our new calendar edition dedicated to all things British.”

Important to know for anyone considering to give it a go: Every calendar that is created on and submitted has the chance of being published, even if it won’t be included in the Made in the UK edition. Calvendo is an open platform where users can register free of charge as self-publishers, create their calendars with an editing software integrated on the site and submit them to a jury who will perform a quality check. All calendars that pass the jury process and are released for publication will receive an ISBN and be listed on retail platforms such as Amazon. Upon customer order, they are produced via digital print-on-demand and self-publishers receive royalties for each copy sold.

Users who want their submission to be considered for the Made in the UK edition should add a short note before submitting their work. For more information, please see our dedicated “How to submit a calendar for the Made in the UK edition” page below. Users whose calendar has been selected will be informed and provided with the logo to add it to their calendar. They are also free not to accept the label and publish their calendar without. Altogether, Calvendo will include 20 calendars in its first ever Made in the UK edition.

How to submit a calendar for the Made in the UK edition

Free registration on

About Calvendo

Calvendo was launched in in Germany in 2012 as a subsidiary of Cornelsen Publishing Group, one of the biggest publishers in German-speaking countries. Since then, tens of thousands of calendars created by photographers and artists have been sold. In 2014, the platform launched in the UK and France, increasing its calendar portfolio and setting up an interface with online retailers such as Amazon or Bookdepository in these countries.

User Feedback



Calendar publishing platform all set for growth

How Calvendo enables creative people to turn their content into professional products

London, August 2015. Less than a year after its UK launch, calendar publishing platform Calvendo has reached the 1000 registered user mark: “We’re very happy that so many English-language photographers and artists are already creating and publishing calendars with us, “ says Calvendo Managing Director Hans-Joachim Jauch. “We see a similarly successful development as when we initially launched in Germany in 2012 and are excited about our platform’s development for the upcoming calendar season.”

Calvendo’s UK division now has almost 1100 registered users and a good 4500 calendars with UK ISBNs in its list. Calvendo is always looking for good content, be it from individual or corporate users, and happy to consider a wide range of topics for its calendar programme. As a professional publishing platform for wall calendars it offers a unique service: Creative users can design their own calendars online with a tool provided and sell them on the international book market and online retail platforms such as Amazon. Before release, each calendar goes through a quality assessment process to ensure that products are fit to go to market.

The service is free of charge, and Calvendo self-publishers get royalties for each calendar copy sold. Working with innovative technologies and digital print-on-demand enables Calvendo to provide users with this opportunity. Calendars are produced upon customer order on retail sites which does away with cost for minimum print runs and pre-production.


Calvendo launched in Germany in 2012 and expanded to the UK and France in 2014. The company operates as a subsidiary of the Franz Cornelsen Bildung group in Germany. Annual sales volume of over €330m set the group amongst the leading publishing houses on the German-speaking market. More than 2,000 employees develop, design and sell education and science related products with a publishing programme of 23,000 titles. With its brands Heye, Weingarten and Harenberg, Cornelsen is also Germany's number one calendar publisher.



Join Calvendo UK authors on Facebook

Dex Hannon, one of our self-publishers, has set up a Facebook group for Calvendo authors. The closed forum is intended to provide all you calendar makers with a platform to discuss your work amongst each other, exchange ideas and talk about your experiences using Calvendo. Or as Dex describes it on Facebook: “This group is for all photographers and artists publishing calendars with Calvendo. You can showcase your calendars here and also asks questions and make suggestion on this platform. We want to support each other here so please be polite and nice to each other. Anyone being rude, will be excluded without prior warning. Hope you're enjoying this group and I look forward to lively discussions!" You can find and join the group here Calvendo Authors.
Calvendo won’t take an active role in this group, however, we’ll make sure to listen in order to be able to tend to any concerns you might have or implement suggestions and ideas. Our official Calvendo Facebook fan page will, of course, continue to exist.



The nitty-gritty of author payments

How many calendars did I sell? Where can I find information? When will I be paid? These are questions we’ve been getting a lot recently so here’s a short overview of all things sales and royalties:
First of all, Calvendo UK is not a B2C retail platform. We’re not selling your Calvendo calendars directly to consumers but to business customers, i.e. retail platforms and retailers such as Amazon, Hive or Speedyhen. Customers are then buying our (your) products from these retailers. As a consequence, reliable and accurate real-time information about sales is, unfortunately, not available to us and hence not to you. Because of the complexity of the supply chain, things simply take a bit longer in the publishing industry.
With our specific digital print-on-demand system the procedure is as follows: A calendar is ordered by a customer, the order is taken and processed by the retailer, the calendar is printed and then dispatched.
However, the retailer that has taken this specific customer’s order has at that point not paid Calvendo for the calendar yet. We carry the production risk, and then have to wait for sales reports from retailers and wholesalers. Since our products are sold on a multitude of platforms, in the UK and other countries such as Germany and France, the amount of data that has to be processed is considerable and while some partners are fast in reporting their sales data, others aren’t. In the end, we always have to wait until we receive all the sales information in its entirety. Otherwise, we can’t prepare a correct royalties statement for you.
In your personal Calvendo account, you will therefore find preliminary sales projections at the end of each quarter. However, this data is not final and is based on information we’ve received up to this point which is, see above, not complete and still subject to a lot of adjustment. It’ll then take at least another eight weeks until your final statement can be prepared based on the complete sales figures of every retailer who’s sold your calendars.
Your statement will then be available for download and you will be paid, as long as your share is at least EUR 30. Otherwise, the payment via bank transfer from our head office in Germany is being deferred to the next quarter. You’ll also find a short summary of the payment cycle and general information about author royalties in our FAQs for further reading.



Calvendo under review: What the experts and our users say

How are we doing? That’s an important question for Calvendo, so we therefore listen carefully when experts scrutinise our calendar self-publishing platform. Since its launch in autumn 2012, there have been a number of reviews by photo communities, consumer guides checking products and services and users. What did they have to say? Let’s take a look at some tests and user experiences:, a resource for anyone interested in creating their own calendars, gives Calvendo the thumbs up, saying it’s “an opportunity for ambitious photographers to market their images as calendars that are sold via the book retail industry.” They like our online editor, noting that “it’s easy to use and offers many options”. Last but not least, their review highlights the following aspects as a bonus: No cost involved for users (hence no risk) plus comprehensive FAQs on the site and help provided by the jury who checks each submitted calendars before they’re released.

Online magazine reviewed Calvendo, too, tested our offer, and, in particular, positively commented on our jury (which we’re pretty chuffed about) and the fact that each calendar submitted undergoes a quality check by a human being, applying expertise, common sense and providing suggestions for approval. Also, there was a bit of unexpected positive surprise about the print quality since Calvendo calendars are printed digitally on-demand and some still think that digital printing can’t keep up with offset quality. However, “the print quality is surprisingly good and no different to offset printed calendars”. concludes its review by saying that Calvendo “offers artists an opportunity to produce and sell high-quality calendars without needing to invest any money”. We’re also inclined to mention the verdict of Five stars out of five for Calvendo in their test, saying that it “sets new standards for calendar self-publishing” while stressing the potential the platform offers for private and corporate users to use Calvendo for testing content ideas and generating additional income.

Another site,, that tests and compares consumer services, assigned us a “very good”, and we get similarly good grades from our users (most importantly!) whom we surveyed this summer: Two thirds enjoy publishing with Calvendo and more than 70% recommend the platform to family and friends. And rest assured, we’ll continue to listen carefully to what our users have to say!



CALVENDO's Unique Self-Publishing Concept Expands to the UK and France

It's not a new idea to offer photographers, graphic designers, designers, artists and other creative workers an online platform for designing their own calendars. What's new is that now there's a platform with a direct book retail channel. This successful self-publishing model is called CALVENDO and it comes with its own publishing house which is now expanding to the UK and France. In German-speaking countries, the CALVENDO system was launched in the autumn of 2012, where it has since successfully sold tens of thousands of calendars created by photographers and artists. Following this huge success, expanding to the UK and France is the next logical step.

Worldwide, CALVENDO is the first and only publishing house for self-publishers that helps creative workers sell individually designed wall calendars and poster books. Creative workers in different countries use the system to publish their own retailable calendars and achieve personal acclaim.

And it's really very simple: After the uploaded images, graphics or texts have been used to create an individual calendar on the online platform, CALVENDO performs a double quality assurance check before releasing the result for sale through retailers such as Amazon. Use of the online platform is free of charge for creators and authors, while they receive up to 30 per cent of the earnings from each copy actually ordered. CALVENDO's creative authors define their own retail prices and retain all of the rights pertaining to their own images and content.

"Many photographers and artists have already designed calendars or poster books for CALVENDO's German publishing house. Expanding to other countries with new, site-based teams was just the next logical step," says Hans-Joachim Jauch, Managing Director at CALVENDO. "We can now offer dedicated creative workers in the UK and France a platform to present their ideas to a wider audience. And make a profit at absolutely no financial risk to themselves. At CALVENDO, we support them in the development of their ideas and then take the burden of production and distribution in co-operation with our powerful partners."

CALVENDO offers all of the modules necessary for this process – from online calendar creation software and high-quality printing right down to sales and remittance of earnings. All of the calendar ideas uploaded by authors and self-publishers are subjected to a double quality assurance process before they can be released for publishing: first, the content is examined; next the files are checked for adequate technical printing quality. Once released, the creative projects go out to established book catalogues (such as the list of deliverable books) with their own ISBN. As soon as any orders are received from retailers, the calendars and poster books go into production. "Our business model has proved to be a winning concept. Following our successful launch in the autumn of 2012, the time has now come to extend our operations to the international market. And we do mean that literally, because creativity has never known boundaries," says Managing Director Hans-Joachim Jauch.

The CALVENDO online platform has created a much wider range of calendars than those offered by any of the traditional publishing houses. Some of the top categories on offer are Nature, Technology, People, Fun and Science. Under these headings, however, CALVENDO does not impose any restrictions on its authors and gives valuable hints on choosing a subject.

Thus, creators from all walks of life can "Share Creativity" by developing their ideas and presenting them to others as a printed calendar or poster book.



CALVENDO is a subsidiary of the Franz Cornelsen Bildung group in Germany. Its annual sales volume of over €330m sets the group amongst the leading publishing houses on the German-speaking market. More than 2,000 employees develop, design and sell education and science related products with a publishing programme of 23,000 titles. With its trademarks Heye, Weingarten and Harenberg, Cornelsen is also Germany's number one calendar vendor.

July, 2014

A New Opportunity for Creative People Around the World

CALVENDOs Self-Publishing Platform Launches its English and French Websites

The CALVENDO Publishing Company has extended its reach: an English and a French language version of the self-publishing platforms website was launched. This move aims to reach photographers, graphic designers, writers and artists who live outside Germany and who would like to see their work published as poster books (Flipart) or calendars and marketed in the book retail sector. Both professionals and creative amateurs are welcome to participate. With this step, CALVENDO is making its move toward internationalization. As Hans-Joachim Jauch, CEO of the CALVENDO Publishing Company has said, ”Our business model promises to be realizable: after our successful launch in the fall of 2012, the time has come for us to enter the international market.“ Further: “In the truest sense of the word, creativity knows no bounds.”

And Thats How CALVENDO Works for International Authors

The new English and the French platforms are set up in the same way as the tried and tested German website: After images, graphic art and texts have been uploaded and calendars or poster books (Flipart) created on the online platform, CALVENDO publishes the works, having put them through two quality checks, and offers them for sale via such book retailers as Amazon, HIVE etc. Authors of calendars or poster books (Flipart) pay nothing to use the website and receive up to 30 percent of the revenue for each sold item. It is the creative authors who determine the retail price. The rights to the images and content remain with them. Printing and distribution will continue to take place in the EU.


CALVENDO ( is a German company belonging to the Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe (Berlin) and is the first publisher to allow talented, creative people to not only publish their own calendars or poster books (Flipart) made with their own photos, graphic art and writing, but to sell them in the international book market. Using the online platform, CALVENDO archives the digital calendar designs with ISBNs (International Standard Book Number) and produces them as print-on-demand products. Orders and sales are processed via book retailers (Amazon etc) and other distribution partners. Authors of published products can use the platform at no cost and receive up to 30 percent of the revenue for each item they sell. At the same time the rights to all their content remain with them. After the successful launch of the platform in 2012, there are now more than 10,000 calendars and poster books (Flipart) in various formats available for purchase.

We have the company PASDA to thank for their technical development of the innovative platform. Their print-on-demand photo calendars and photo books can be viewed and purchased here: