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24.05.2018 Newsletter
- Privacy policy update
- Lots to be inspired by...
- Practical tips for calendar self-publishers

07.03.2018 Newsletter

- Changes in procedure for modifying published calendars
- 2019 calendar update
- The importance of metadata for your calendar projects

24.01.2018 Newsletter

- Getting ready for 2019!
- Calvendo author Henrik Spranz Amateur Photographer of the Year 2017
- Go on, have a browse

06.12.2017 Newsletter
- Holiday period: Calvendo jury on a break
- Reviewing our products
- Tech talk: it’s all about the flash

17.02.2017 Newsletter
- Update on 2018 edition

27.01.2017 Newsletter
- Looking ahead: your calendars for 2018

23.12.16 Newsletter
- Wishing you a wonderful Christmas

14.12.16 Newsletter

- New Calvendo homepage
- Holiday period: Jury on a break
- New information hub on Calvendo website

29.11.16 Newsletter

- Frequently asked questions answered:
When will I be paid?
Why are Calvendo calendars so expensive?
The availability of your products

05.10.16 Newsletter

- Lots to be inspired by
- Practical tips for calendar self-publishers

26.08.16 Newsletter

- #BeautifulBritain: submit your regional calendars
- Step-by-Step Guide for design templates
- International Gregor self-publishing calendar award 2017

30.07.16 Newsletter

- First Calvendo UK Gold Edition
- #BeautifulBritain: Apply your local point of view
- Calendar update for 2017 completed

15.07.16 Newsletter

- New: Design templates with title page layouts

01.06.16 Newsletter

- Your feedback is needed: Calvendo UK user survey
- Get local - be specific

29.04.16 Newsletter
- Your feedback is needed: Calvendo UK user survey
- Meet the people who make our platform

31.03.16 Newsletter

- Updating your calendars for 2017

24.02.16 Newsletter

- How to make an impact with your cover

29.01.16 Newsletter
- Looking ahead: 2017 is basically round the corner ...
- UK production issues explained

19.12.15 Newsletter
- Wishing you a very merry Christmas!

10.12.15 Newsletter

- Calvendo Advent Calendar
- How to easily promote your calendars on social media
- Discover our first ever Calvendo "Made in the UK" edition
- Our YouTube tutorials for Calvendo self-publishers
- 3 ground rules for creating calendars
- Submitting work between Christmas and the New Year

05.11.15 Newsletter
- The countdown has started
- See how it's done: YouTube tutorials
- Enlarge your portfolio
- Submit calendars for our Made in the UK edition

29.09.15 Newsletter

- Calvendo launching Made in the UK edition

22.08.2015 Newsletter
- Calendar ideas for you

16.07.15 Newsletter
- Why you should (really) invest time in your product description
- Answering your questions: Amazon 'on stock'
- Fill the gaps in our gallery

25.06.15 Newsletter
- A few handy tips for you: Common mistakes that can easily be avoided

27.05.2015 Newsletter
- Updating your calendars for 2016
- How to make changes to a published project
- What happens if I withdraw a published project?

29.04.2015 Newsletter
- Gregor International Calendar Award - now also for self-publishers
- Testimonials on our website
- There's more than Amazon

17.03.2015 Newsletter
- Your opinion matters: Please take part in our first Calvendo UK user survey
- Re-publish your calendar for 2016
- First Calvendo UK author payments
- Marketing tip: Pinterest

14.02.2015 Newsletter
- Marketing for self publishers: tips from an author
- Join Calvendo UK authors on Facebook
- Calvendo on Instagram

20.01.2015 Newsletter
- The nitty-gritty of author payments
- What would YOU like to read about?
- Jury duties and practicalities

24.12.2014 Newsletter
- Season's Greetings

16.12.14 Newsletter
- It's not just Amazon
- Your ideas = great calendars
- Try Google Trends!

12.11.14 Newsletter
- Things to remember when designing a calendar
- Self publishing = self marketing

22.10.14 Newsletter
- Meet the jury
- It's hip to be square

23.09.14 Newsletter

- How to turn your visuals into calendars and take them to market
- Different formats, different options
- Get inspired: Visit the Product Gallery